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DesireSun™ - Rainbow Night

DesireSun™ - Rainbow Night

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How long will it take to get my order?

Delivery times can vary depending on your region and location, the below list are approximations:

- United States: 5 to 12 Business Days

- United Kingdom: 5 to 14 Business Days

- Australia/NZ: 5 to 14 Business Days

- Europe: 5 to 14 Business Days

- Rest of the World: 5 to 15 Business Days

Lifetime Warranty

We are very confident that you will like our product!

If for any reason you don't like it or have any problems with it.

We give a lifetime guarantee to our customers.

You can return the product and we will refund you no questions asked!

Turn Your Room into a Fairyland

See the rainbow without going through the wind and rain

With Rainbow Night you will be able to transform your room into a magical place.

Touch the wall and follow the rainbow, at the end you can taste happiness.

It’s absolutely an unparalleled bedtime lamp

DesireSun - Rainbow Nigh can create a magical and quiet environment for sleep.

Thanks to the timer, the lamp will automatically turn off after 60 minutes. So you can fully enjoy your sleep

Perfect for photoshoots

Add a unique touch to your photos with a palette of colors that could only be found in the sky. A favorite for photographers, influencers, and content creators alike

Where can I hang it?

You can hang it anywhere inside home and outside, each suncatcher has a ring you can tie a pendant to or hang it on a nail easily.

Our customers usually hang it with a nail from the roof or window.

But they can burn something?

Absolutely not! There needs to be a focused, strong point of light to burn. Crystals scatter light creating rainbows so they can't burn anything.

Product size?

Height: 17.71 inches/45 cm
Width: 3.15 inches/8 cm
Depth: 3.15 inches/8 cm

Are payments safe?

Absolutely yes! Every transaction complies with European security regulations, you can pay with paypal, credit/debit card and google/apple pay.

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