Want to learn more about stones that attract money? Then you're in the right place. Here's the guide you've been looking for.

Money doesn't make you happy, it's true. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting to increase your income, especially in a time of economic crisis like the one we are going through nowadays.

Fortunately, there are many stones that attract money and have every right to be asked when it comes to financial prosperity. Curious to find out what they are? Continue reading the article to learn more.


Moss agate helps overcome the fear of not being appreciated professionally. It can be considered a motivational stone that pushes to have more confidence in work and not to leave projects unfinished.

Whoever wants to help the arrival of money can count on this lucky charm, very useful also to decrease the emotional stress due to too many work commitments.

It can help in a valid way a person characterized by the exaggerated need to make expenses.


Many individuals are happy with what they have and this is an absolutely positive thing. The problem arises when one does not have the ability to manage money independently, which implies a certain amount of frustration and dissatisfaction. Tiger's eye instills the will to become financially independent.

It is a stone that attracts money in the sense that it helps you get out of difficult financial situations, make correct decisions, especially when it comes to profitable investments. You can wear it as a pendant or as a bracelet.

Many people resort to the tiger's eye when they want to sell a property away from bad fortunes in that sense.


Another stone known to attract money is the green aventurine. We can call it the stone of gamblers because it stimulates luck in an extraordinary way, especially in places dedicated to games.

It does not establish gambling addiction and can be good for getting rid of the cravings for unnecessary purchases.


Anyone who is looking for a secure and lasting source of income must absolutely bet on green jade, which has always been considered the stone of prosperity and abundance.

It should be noted, however, that this stone does not push towards easy money but amplifies the willingness to make sacrifices to round up the salary.

It gives mental clarity to evaluate with conscience job offers and earning opportunities, orienting us towards the right choice in front of professional crossroads.


Have you ever heard of chrysoprase? It is a stone that can attract money, abundance and wealth.

It is useful for reducing debts and making investment decisions rationally.

It also keeps us away from all those money-losing traps, such as gambling and the compulsive desire to shop even when we don't need to.


Another stone ideal for attracting money is hematite, which has been used as a good luck crystal for thousands of years, especially when you want to achieve work success.

You can resort to the use of this stone to come out successful in a job interview, increasing the possibility of being hired and positively influencing the famous "first impression".

Hematite instills the courage to step forward and ask for the desired salary increase. It is the most suitable stone for those hoping for growth for future employment.


Because of its color, this crystal is often mistaken for gold. Perhaps it is for this reason that pyrite leads the way to prosperity, as few other crystals are able to do.

It is the most suitable stone to help a person who spends very easily to avoid waste, to better manage expenses and to make strictly essential purchases.

Pyrite instills the courage to do business. When you want to start a business on your own, very often, the willingness to take risks is lacking. This stone helps in this sense to act without the fear of failure.

But that's not all. Pyrite helps to manage wealth well, instills prudence and pushes towards the art of saving.


The last money attracting stone we want to talk about today is the amethyst, perhaps one of the most powerful when you want to favor money related matters.

Since ancient times, this stone has been used for the purpose of being kissed by good fortune, and not only on a financial level, but also on a work and relationship level.

Wear an amethyst necklace to help you manage money wisely, as it gives you the ability to increase income and reduce expenses, and allows you to predict the performance of financial markets.

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