Smoking is a habit that many people have and unfortunately it is known to damage the health, so quitting smoking can only benefit the person. Choosing to quit smoking is a decision that is made in full awareness and only when you are really ready to begin the journey.

Different tools can help, including natural and holistic remedies such as the famous licorice that replaces the desire to keep the cigarette in the mouth or some herbal remedies to help detoxify the body and purify the skin. All this can be supported by crystal therapy and stones to stop smoking.

Let's find out together which ones can be of great support.

Rock Crystal or Hyaline Quartz

Rock crystal is a very powerful healing amulet, that's why it supports the initial phase when you decide to quit smoking. It helps to balance energies, to calm stress and agitation that as every addiction can cause in case of abstinence.

It allows you to restore harmony and serenity.


Amethyst is the stone known to fight addictions, particularly when it comes to alcoholism, but in general it helps in all others. As with hyaline quartz, amethyst also helps to calm stress and particularly the nervousness that comes with withdrawal from what you are addicted to.

Having a suncatcher with amethyst allows you to dissolve anxiety and promotes sleep, which is not taken for granted as you begin a path of detoxification from any substance.

In particular, it is recommended to hold the amethyst in the hand and practice meditation with it, focusing on the goal of getting rid of the addiction to smoking and thus absorbing the energy that this stone can give.

Placing the amethyst on the third eye helps to overcome mental schemes harmful for personal growth.

Rose Quartz

Smoking addiction, like alcoholism or food addiction are often linked to having to fill an emotional void. In this case, rose quartz helps fill that emotional void by giving you the energy you need to face it and fill it with wiser choices for your health. It supports self-love, reassures, calms stress, and promotes a good mood.

Keep a rose quartz in your home to face life's challenges and problems head on, without hiding behind addictions of any kind. Only way to be truly free!

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is among the stones for quitting smoking because it helps change personal attitudes and behaviors. It allows you to act with awareness and also experience the challenges that lead to change.

This stone strengthens the will, which is fundamental for those who want to quit smoking. It rebalances at psychophysical level and in moments of discouragement acts as a supporter bringing an inexhaustible vital energy.

Smoking, as we know, fatigues the body that fills with toxins, here smoky quartz acts by stimulating the elimination of body waste and promoting the assimilation of vital energy.

You can also use smoky quartz in the bath to relieve nervous tension and purify the aura.

Botswana Agate

Botswana agate, whose name comes from the unique deposits found in Botswana (a region of Africa) is a protective stone, effective in cases of depression and stress that can arise when you want to quit smoking. It helps to balance energies and placed on the second chakra stimulates the nervous, circulatory and immune systems. Therefore its use is fundamental to awaken the body loaded with toxins of smoking.

According to Tibetans and Indians agate Botswana is an amulet that allows you to achieve your goals without any external interference, that's why it is considered a stone to stop smoking.

Gray agate

In the list of stones to quit smoking we can not mention also the gray agate a stone of protection for the whole organism. It helps to promote the regeneration of tissues, which with smoking are certainly under stress. It maintains concentration, giving courage and security. It also helps to overcome one's weaknesses, giving confidence in oneself and in others.

Tiger Eye

´╗┐Tiger's eye is classifiable among the stones for quitting smoking, because it helps overcome difficult moments, helps defend against situations that create oppression and reduces anxiety.

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