The third chakra is located near the navel and is also called Manipura. Keeping the third chakra in balance allows you to move your life in the right direction and in a safe and balanced way. Balancing the third chakra also allows you to have a firm stance and express yourself in a decisive way.

The function of the third chakra

The solar plexus chakra is linked to fire energy, which is why it is connected with willpower and self-esteem. Its development occurs around the age of 4/6 years and continues until 10/12 years, when children have a kind of emotional "separation" from their parents. It expresses in fact being an autonomous individual with the right to act.

The third chakra in balance makes the subject self-motivated, with decision-making and analytical skills as well as good willpower. The person is reliable and accepts challenges, difficult to be influenced and knows his place in the world.

If, on the other hand, traumatic events have occurred during the maturation of Manipura, such as: too authoritarian parents, personal attacks on self-esteem, excessive responsibility for the age and so on, the third chakra will be out of balance and will not have developed properly. The consequences are that you live with low self-esteem, you consider yourself incapable and unable to make decisions.

There can also be an excess of solar plexus activity and in this case manipulative, aggressive and domineering behaviors can occur. We are faced with a stubborn and arrogant subject.

Whether the third chakra is in excess of activity or down, we are faced with an imbalance and for this reason it is good to work to restore the balance.

7 stones to affirm the third chakra

In case the third chakra is out of balance, it is possible to work on it with crystal therapy and stones to affirm the third chakra. Related stones are usually yellow in color, a clear symbol of light and energy. Stones of other colors can also be used depending on what you have to go to rebalance. Let's discover together which ones they are.

Yellow agate

Yellow agate works on the third chakra helping to clarify one's desires, gives joy and optimism both on the spiritual and psychic side. Provides protection and clarity. It helps to focus on situations and to arrive at pragmatic solutions. It also gives the ability to manage external influences.

Citrine quartz

Among the stones to affirm the third chakra, the fourth citrine gives balance by promoting self-confidence, fighting the fear of failure and helping to complete projects.

Yellow Chalcedony

This stone works from the center of the emotions acting on the emotional and spiritual sphere. The use of chalcedony for the third chakra increases self-esteem and makes you aware. You are more clear about your aspirations and your feelings.

Yellow calcite

Yellow calcite promotes physical vigor, balances the emotions and is ideal for meditation when working on the third chakra and to be mentally active.


Beryl works by giving confidence, fighting stress and nervousness. It makes perseverance and helps to increase self-confidence. Harmonizes and fights emotional crises.


Amber, fossil resin, stimulates sunshine and joy of living by reactivating the energy field. It gives self-confidence and makes one optimistic, helping to achieve success and maintaining resourcefulness. In the mental sphere it removes depression and melancholy.


Pyrite helps the subject to remove conflicts that arise in relationships due to imbalance of the third chakra, then to affirm their true nature. It also promotes creativity.

Yellow calcite

Gives energy on the physical and mental side, helping with healing and personal growth.

Yellow Topaz

Among the stones to affirm the third chakra, yellow topaz acts on intelligence and protecting from negativity.

Tiger eye

This stone works on grounding, allowing you to reorder thoughts and feelings as well as promoting personal growth. It helps to overcome difficult moments without losing courage and also to defend oneself from situations and people who are oppressive. Gives spirit of initiative while remaining consistent and capable in action.

Using stones to affirm the third chakra

Stones for the third chakra can be used either by resting them directly on the solar plexus and doing meditation or reiki. Alternatively, you can carry them in your pocket or hang them around your neck as pendants or bracelets.

You can also insert them in the pillowcase and sleep on it or put them in the bath with coarse salt and then remaining immersed for about 15 minutes.

After each use it is recommended to purify the stones before the next use.
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