In this new article we propose an in-depth look at purple stones, with names and attached meaning.

Purple stones have always fascinated humanity. Normally, independently from being or not being fond of crystal therapy, nobody is able to resist in front of the beauty of an amethyst or a purple jade. The desire to touch and wear these stones is quite natural: it depends, in part, on the incredible sensations of balance and tranquility emanating from purple stones, which have always been considered the ideal cure for the body and spirit.

But this variety of crystals is useful for more purposes, that's why we thought of drawing up an exhaustive list of purple stones with names and meaning.


Many of the purple stones have common characteristics and perform the identical functions: they symbolize calmness and promote spiritual connection. However, it is worth distinguishing between them so that we can identify the right purple stone for each of us.


Belonging to the quartz family, amethyst is characterized by a very intense and deep purple, which calms and reassures by promoting mediumistic abilities.

This stone can be used to chase away nightmares, ensuring good rest and warding off sudden awakenings.

Amethyst can help to overcome the mourning of a loved one - avoiding that it becomes pathological - to manage pain in order to find oneself and to move on with life.


Tanzanite is a crystal between blue and purple, able to increase self-esteem and defeat insecurity. The more self-confident we are, the more experiences we have to strengthen the spirit.

It acts effectively against stress and depression, with quick and lasting feelings of relief. It is the ideal stone to find inner serenity and maintain it over time.

Tanzanite is a stone that effectively guides the spiritual evolution. Used during a meditation session, it contributes to the well-being of body and mind.


The list of purple stones is very long and varied: therefore we had to make a selection of the most popular crystals. Among these we remember lepidolite, which cannot be missing in any path of deep reflection.

It is a crystal that helps to develop self-control and to make the right decisions. It can be used whenever we are afraid of being influenced by the thoughts of others.

Working with lepidolite allows us to become more autonomous and independent, strengthening the will to take part in life, no longer as spectators but as protagonists.


We come now to morganite, a stone that with its delicate purple develops loving-kindness, that is, stimulates affectionate attitudes, both in terms of feelings of friendship and those of love.

Having a morganite stone around the neck helps to be more tolerant with oneself and with others, which will imply the adoption of a more open-minded and broad-minded.

This stone makes us extroverted, so it can be used in all those cases where you need to make new friends and try new experiences, without the fear of judgment of others.


If there is a stone that can instill tranquility, bringing peace to the heart and mind, that is certainly the purple jade. This is certainly the crystal on which to focus to promote relaxation, give peace and joy.

But that's not all: those who work with this stone find the possibility to develop their spiritual life, redirecting their path towards God, especially when it is strewn with temptations.

Wearing purple jade will help to live life more spontaneously, eliminating all those fears that preclude us from many possibilities.


Another beautiful purple stone is sugilite, a very dark shade that conveys an extraordinary feeling of balance. It is also thanks to its particular shade that this crystal instills the need to get closer to nature in an authentic way.

Sugilite is a very useful crystal against anxiety and stress; it can also be used in case of chronic fatigue, as it regulates the energy flow restoring the balance of body and mind.

It behaves very well against anger and old grudges, promoting reconciliation and removing the desire for revenge that very often leads to nothing.


We conclude the list of purple stones with tourmaline, one of the most unique found in nature and available in different colors: black, white, blue, pink, red and purple.

Purple tourmaline can help dispel stress as it promotes serenity, calm, clarity and mental wisdom.

It has an uncanny ability to guide us into deep meditation, promoting our supreme union with the Divine.

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