Stones, like humans or astrological signs, do not always get along with each other. There are stones that are incompatible with each other because they are too different from each other. Some minerals can cancel the energy of other stones or amplify it. It seems a strange thing to hear, but it is so there are stones that if placed in the same container in the house, on a piece of furniture together or worn close together, instead of infusing their benefits create a conflict between them.

Let's find out together which stones are incompatible with each other, so as to use and purchase them in the correct way.

17 incompatible stones

As we mentioned above stones and crystals do not like certain combinations with each other, although some work harmoniously with each other. Let's see what are the 17 stones that do not hand stand with others and some advice on how to know which stones are incompatible with each other.


Shungite is a stone that cannot be combined with any other because it makes all the others lose energy.


As with shungite, obsidian works well alone, as it disperses the energies of stones with equal or greater strength. A practical example of incompatible stones is: obsidian with tiger's eye.


Emerald is also called energy stealer, yes because it absorbs the energy of any other stone that surrounds it, therefore you will lose the benefits of the stones that are close to it.


Peridot is a compatible stone are those of pink or colorless colors (rose quartz or rock crystal). All others prevent it from working and giving their benefits to the user.


Malachite is part of the list of stones incompatible with others, as it inhibits those nearby. If you wear malachite therefore avoid wearing other crystals or stones.

In particular, it is good to know that malachite and diamond together become toxic on the energetic side.

Hyaline or transparent quartz

Quartz is a stone called amplifier, that is placed near other stones amplifies their energies, for this reason it is not always good to use it or wear it with other stones.

It is a powerful crystal that stores and transforms the energies of the universe and can make them flow into the aura, thus giving vital force. For this reason it is incompatible with other stones.

Tiger eye and celestial eye

These two stones disperse their energies to each other and oppose each other, therefore no to use or keep near tiger eye and celestial eye.

Tiger Eye and Boji Stones

Tiger Eye and Boji Stones cause discomfort if worn together.

Rock Crystal

Rock crystal amplifies the energies of any other stone in the vicinity, so it is advisable not to have it near those whose effects and benefits you do not want amplified.

Amethyst and Turquoise

Amethyst and turquoise are 2 incompatible but beautiful stones. They can be worn together but should never be made to touch each other, so you can put one bracelet of each type on each wrist, or bracelet and necklace and so on.

Amethyst and Carnelian

Amethyst is also incompatible with Carnelian, their energies are opposite and will cancel each other out if used or worn together.

Golden Labradorite and Turquoise

These two stones if placed near each other cancel each other's power.

Sodalite and Rhodonite

These two stones have very strong energy and for this reason they do not go well together, but they like to stay and be used individually.


It is a stone that for its powerful but chaotic energy should not be associated with other stones. Therefore prefer its use alone.

Garnet and Opal

As we said opal should be used alone because of its strong energy. Garnet, just as strong, if used together with opal would create a contrast too strong and difficult to manage on the energetic side.

How to know which stones are incompatible with each other

In conclusion we can tell you that in order to know which stones are incompatible with each other it is appropriate to keep in mind that stones that have very strong energy, among them are not good.

The same goes for stones of black color, they do not like the company of the same ones of black color, such as Black Obsidian or Snowflake Obsidian. Another example is Onyx and Black Obsidian.

Blue colored stones are defined as cold, so they push energy down and do not help energize. This makes blue colored stones incompatible with each other if you want to energize and already feel drained.

Stones that are broken or cracked should not be worn or used because their energy charge may be compromised.

It is also good to remember that it is good to wear only one stone or crystal at a time, this is to avoid being overexcited by their effects. Moreover, if you are not sure about their compatibility, they could generate negative effects and could conflict with each other.

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