Do you remember the exact moment when you picked up your gemstone after purchasing it?

Impossible to forget that moment when you carefully touched it and already established the first link of energy, that moment when you hope and wish to never separate from it again.

And here we are, we are going to reveal all the tricks to be able to preserve and make last longer those precious stones that are so dear to us and that fill our lives with a thousand colors and positive energies.

Let's see now what we can do about it.

Keep stones in soft, closed places

We already know that every stone and crystal are different from each other, that is why the ways of storing them are different in turn.

In order to preserve some stones from possible breakage or chipping it is advisable to store them separately in places that respect their delicacy and natural energy.

Open air storage

It is true that after being away from home for several hours, seeing the colorful spectacle of all the stones close together immediately gives us a sense of positive energy.

For those who prefer to expose them, it is better to avoid very cold or hot places inside the house, just to avoid frequent or extreme temperature changes.

Attention to the sun: not all stones love the sun's rays, remember for example quartz, fluorite and celestine.

In addition, we always keep in mind to perform a physical cleaning using soft bristle brushes, slightly moistened cloths and always dry them with care.

This must be done because we must take into account that coming into contact with the energies of the room and people passing by, they will have to be purified every time before being used in therapy or worn.

Protect stones from breakage caused by negative energies

At least once in a lifetime it happens to find some broken stones with the presence of cracks, even if correctly exposed after having followed all the above mentioned expedients.

In this case the problem is just the negative energies: if we keep the stones in our bedroom, it may happen that during the night the frequency of our energy fields is amplified, thus coming into contact with all the stones in the vicinity.

All this leads to an energy interaction so strong that it involves even more crystals together, and in the moment of waking up you may find fractures and cracks.

Some of them can help us to better remember the dreams we have, as long as they are beautiful of course.

The best protection is to inform yourself

Paying attention to these little tricks can be a good way to make the stones we care about last longer, especially if we are fond of some stones in particular.

Another tip is to keep informed, read blogs and books that deepen the characteristics of the stones that we keep at home, just to know better the strengths and weaknesses of each.

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