It is inevitable to be influenced by it.

Every day we are in contact with it, consciously or unconsciously, we arrive at the end of the day with a bad mood and nervousness of which sometimes we can not explain why.

Negative energies can come from any type of environment that has accumulated over time, negative vibrations due to the various sufferings that people, animals or plants have suffered in that place.

As we all know negative energies also come from the people we come in contact with, maybe even from those we don't expect to receive them.

It is hard to admit, but not all the people with whom we are surrounded wish us the best: thoughts of envy, resentment or discontent, can influence us in a more or less relevant way.

In any case, it is good to protect ourselves from all this, and once again, our precious stones come to our aid by acting as a protective shield.

Let's see together which are the best protective stones against negative energies.


Light quartz is one of the most dynamic crystals, and is believed to be useful for both deflecting negativity and attracting positivity.

This crystal can also take on the energy of other crystals nearby: if we are using another crystal for protection, clear quartz will amplify its energy and manifest its protective power even more.

Used alone, clear quartz cleanses energy, which means you can use it to release anything that is superfluous or no longer needed.

How to use it: You can wear it or put it in your pocket, however, the best way to use this crystal is by gently moving it up and down in front of your body and holding it close to your heart, thus protecting your energy and removing any negativity from your body.


Black tourmaline is a powerful protective crystal, especially for healing.

Its energy blocks all negative vibrations, supporting us in grounding and making us feel at peace.

In particular, black tourmaline is used to block psychic attacks (negative energies coming from a person towards us) and helps break patterns of negative thoughts.

For those who suffer from intense anxiety, black tourmaline will bring back balance and help regain lost confidence.

How to use it: Black tourmaline is great to use during meditation while visualizing what you want protection from.

This is probably negative thoughts, anxiety, or protection from the hurtful energy of others.

You can wear it as a necklace or keep it in your pocket so you always have a protective bubble surrounding you.


Black obsidian - which is volcanic glass, or essentially molten lava - helps absorb any negative energy that weighs us down or any unhealthy vibrations that are sent our way.

Because it always absorbs negative energy around us, this stone needs to be cleaned often.

It can also help bring out the truth that we often fail to see clearly, as long as we are willing to accept what is right in front of us.

How to use it: Obsidian should be placed inside the home, especially near the entrances.

This way, when negative energy enters your sacred space it will remain blocked: obsidian absorbs the energy and emits positive vibrations outside, protecting you from everything around you.


If you've been working with crystals for a while, you're already familiar with it and know that this stone is known to help with body aches, digestion, third eye healing and more.

But amethyst is also a great crystal for protection; it helps promote calm, serene energy and protects against overwhelm. Amethyst offers spiritual and emotional protection, and guards inner peace.

How to use it: Amethyst is versatile, so you can use it in a variety of ways: many keep it in their pocket, wear it as a bracelet, or keep it around the house.

For added protection, simply place the stone under your pillow before bed, so you can conciliate a peaceful sleep and recharge yourself with positive energy.


Pyrite is a beautiful crystal that guards the energy of its owner.

Its golden color is meant to manifest abundance, ignite confidence and, above all, offer protection.

Pyrite helps to release negative energy and manifest positive changes in life.

How to use it: It can be placed almost anywhere, you can carry it in your pocket or find a safe place for it in your home.


It is not easy to stay away from negative energies, crystals can be a good support, but the real work we have to do it on ourselves.

Our thoughts can influence our daily life choices, so it is good to calm this flow through constant meditation, gratitude for what is beautiful in life and kindness.

These are ingredients of positivity that together with our stones, are the most powerful weapons against any kind of negative vibration.
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